Marble Fireplace Mantel

With Selected nature marble material, worked with our experienced carver. Our Carved Marble Fireplace (Fire Place Mantel)s mantelpieces team can provide you the High Quality Marble Fireplace for yours

Main Design of our marble fireplace (Fire Place Mantel)
  • Contemporaneity flat simple design Marble Fireplace (Fire Place Mantel) (Fire Place Mantel), those Marble Fireplace (Fire Place Mantel) suit for UK and Ireland fireplace market or the people like the decoration in simple style we made those Marble Fireplace (Fire Place Mantel) with advanced facilities which can ensure the precision at dimension and high quality and polishing.
  • Classical complex carved design Marble Fireplace (Fire place mantel), those suit for Europe Marble Fireplace (Fire Place Mantel) market where favorite the whole decoration with return to the ancients. That design Marble Fireplace (Fire place Mantel) is the most favored by Europe and USA Market. We made it with experienced hand carver who specialized in those, that inclue the double marble fireplace called overmantel
  • France Design Marble Fireplace (Fire Place Mantel) which is inherited from old France history with their unique design with the history stamp.
Material of Our Marble Fireplace (Fire place Mantel):
There is more than 50 species nature marble material available for the fireplace fabrication includes china local marble material and also the marble from other country (Like Cream Marfil, Egypt cream marble, Carara White marble etc.) Beside the marble, we also produce the fireplace in sandstone, granite, limestone, and travertine Etc.
Guarantee of our Marble Fireplace (Fire Place Mantel)
  • Any design which is not quality after finished, we are responsible to refund.
  • Any damage caused by our package we are responsible to refund.