Column & Baluster carved marble granite,limestone,travertine,sandstone columns
From ancient roman period traditional column to nowadays modern design building the columns always be present as a significant factor in the whole architectural project.our factory can produce the various design of stone columns both solid column,hollow column and pilaster.various design (Like Roman Corinthian,Greek Angular Ionic column, Roman Doric, Roman Ionic column, Empire column,Temple of Wind Tuscan column, Schmooze column ) from us which can be custom-made. All the carved column capital and base is carved by hand. the trunk of the column can made of round design, square design, tapered from top to bottom.
As we engaged with many project's installation, and work with many builders,so from production stage we consider all factors of the project into the column or the architectural elements when making. Our technician will offer you the suggestion with helpful support available material: marble,granite, sandstone, limestone, travertine.
Content: Solid hand carved marble columns, limestone pillar, travertine column, and sandstone columns,Pilaster
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