Custom sculpture (president, hero, etc), Animal Sculpture Horse
Custom design cast bronze horse sculpture :cast bronze horse sculpture,cast bronze art sculpture ,bronze bust,forging bronze relief,bronze animal sculpture(gate lions horse,) ,bronze horse design fountain sculpture for hotel, guesthouse, public park
Government class project and significant commerical project
Custom bronze horse sculpture for commerical project (war horse , war chariot, prince sculpture Custom President sculpture 9 meters
ART-01 Horse-Bronze H 2 m ; 2.5 m
ART-02 Horse Bronze H 3 m
ART-03 Horse Bronze H 4m
ART-04 Horse Bronze W2.1 H 2.1 m
ART -07 Fountain H 12 m
ART-06 Gate lion L 1.8 m
ART-05 Lion HSBK bank gate lion L 1.8 m
ART-08 Bronze H 2 m
ART-09 Bronze dolphin H1.2
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We are leading cast bronze & carving manufacturer . With high level art sculptor, large ART DESIGN STUDIO, high tech bronze casting workshop, and experienced bronze carving worker.We can replicate the europe, american ,asian bronze carving (sculpture,statue,relief craft etc) in high standard. We custom made the bronze sculpture/statue base on the designed works.

We done many famous custom made bronze carving projects for the government such as:Azerbaijan President- cast bronze sculpture,(7meters -height), bronze horse and hear statue,King of Kazakhstan -casting bronze sculpture, (9meters height),Large Kazakhstan hero bronze sculpture (9meters height),antique forging bronze relief for england (105meters length), large bronze buddha (23meters height ) ,Brass made company logo symbol,bronze door, brass gate,brass windows ,bronze gate lions horse

. Our bronze factory specialized in various cast bronze sculpture, forging/wrought bronze/brass relief sculpture,bronze westen clasical sculpture, antique bronze moden abstract bronze sculpture,The availiable finish of bronze scultpure: Original bronze sculpture, Antique bronze sculpture,orignal brass sculpture, antique brass sculpture, other as required. We list out some significant bronze works which we done for goverment