Bench garden ornament bench etc
Hand carved marble bench limestone garden bench travertine bench
DS ART Co.,Ltd is a leading stone carving manufacturer,especial for the marble garden ornament product,especial for the marble bench and table, we fabricate various designs of marble table & bench in various materials (marble, Sandstone, Limestone, Travertine,and Granite), there are some stone bench we listed. Custom design is our specialist
Bench-01 ; Material: White Marble Dim: L200XH140XD65cm
Bench-02 ; Material: Yellow Limestone Dim: L200XH140XD65cm
Bench-03 ; Material: White Travertine Dim: L200XH140XD65cm
Bench-04 ; Material: White sandstone Dim: L200XH140XD65cm
Bench-05 ; Material: Yellow sandstone Dim:500cm length
Bench-06 ; Material: Red marble Dim 2 m length
Bench-07 ; Material: antique white marble L 2 m
Bench-08 ; Material: Pink Red Marble Height 110cm
Bench-09; Material: White travertine Length 5 m
Bench-10; Material: Pink Marble table L 2 m
Reminder:If your requirements are not listed please contact our sales office who will be assist you