Gazebo hand carved gazebo
(hand carved marble gazebo, limestone kiosk, travertine pergola, sandstone summerhouse) hand carved stone gazebo with green plants around, which make your garden with perfect impression. We can design and carve out the idealstone gazebo with suit for your garden.The Main design of our stone gazebo include Simple gazebo compost of columns, carving design kiosk, statuary carved gazebo,Classical flower carving marble gazebo, ancient impression travertine gazebo, limestone pergola, travertine kiosk. Available material:Marble, Sandstone, Travertine, Limestone Old impression, Granite etc.
Gazebo-A01 White marble L9.5 m
Gazebo-A02 White marble Dim L 11*8*5 m

Gazebo-02-Green marble-H/6.3 m
Gazebo-03-white marble -H/5 m
Gazebo-04-Yellow sandstone-H/4.5 m
Gazebo-05-Grey white marble-H/4.5 m
Gazebo-06-Green Marble -H 3 m
Gazebo-07-white marble-H 3 m
Gazebo-08-beige marble-H/ 5 m
Gazebo-09-white marble Dia 6 m H 3 m
Gazebo-10-yellow sandstone-dia 5 m
Gazebo-11-Black Marble H 3 m
Gazebo-12 Pink marble Dia 5 m
Gazebo-15- red marble H 3 m
Gazebo-16-beige limestone H 4.5 m
Gazebo-17- white marle H4.5 m
Gazebo-18-yellow limestone H 5 m
Gazebo-19- Pink marble Dia 5 m
Gazebo-20 Pink marblee H 4.5 m
Gazebo-21 yellow sandstone H 5 m
Gazebo-22 White marble H 5 m
Gazebo-23 white marble H 2.2 m
CAD Support design
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