MARBLE TILES Marble Flooring tiles, Marble Wall cladding tiles
DS ART Co.,Ltd has advanced facilities and good resource of various type of china marble. Beige color marble tiles, white color marble tiles, grey marble tiles, red marble tiles. The usage can be flooring or wall cladding .Standard size: 300x300(600)x 10mm 300x300(600)x 20mm, other as required. Finish: Honed, Polished, Tumbled, Sandblasted, Flamed Etc
M-001 Purest White marble M-002 white marble
M-003 crystal white M-004 Black Marble
M-005 Nero Black M-006 Black Marble with less Veinis
M-007 Dark Green A M-008 Dark Green B
M-009 Light green A M-010 Light green B
M-011 Lotus Geen marble M-011 Brown A
M-012 Brown B M-013 Platinum Grety
M-014 Brown C M-015 Brown D
M-016 Brown E M-017 Dark Yellow Marble
M-018 Light Yellow Marble M-019 Yellow Marble with red Veinis
M-020 Red marble China red M-021 Rainy Red
M-022 Red Shell M-023 Cream White Marble
M-024 Dark Cream M-025 Cream C
M-025 Flower Grey M-026 Indigo Cream
M-027 Blue Marble M-028 overlord Flower Marble
M-029 G Cream A M-030 White Cream
For more Marble Species not listed on the website, Please contact our sales team