Marble Column(Marble Pillar,Pilaster)

Hand carved marble columns, We selected nature marble material, worked with our experienced carver. Our Carved stone team can provide you the marble column (Pillar) for your architectural project. The entire marble column (Pillar) was made on the standard of high quality control system.

Main Classified of our Marble column (Pillar)
  • Simple Design Marble Column, We are producing that simple design marble column with high precision facilities. Only that can ensure the entire column (Pillar) can be used in your project properly.
  • Classical Design Marble Column: Roman Corinthian column (Pillar) ,Greek Angular Ionic column (Pillar), Roman Doric column (Pillar), Roman Ionic column (Pillar), Empire column (Pillar), Temple of Wind column (Pillar), Tuscan column (Pillar), Schmooze column (Pillar) etc.
  • Solid Marble column (Pillar), Hollow surround pieces Marble column (Pillar) and Pilaster
Material of Our Marble column (Pillar)
There is more than 50 species nature marble material available for the carved column (Pillar) fabrication includes china local marble material and also the marble from other country. Except the marble, we also can produce the column in limestone, granite, travertine, sandstone Etc.
Guarantee of our column (Pillar)
  • Any design which is not quality after finished, we are responsible to refund
  • Any damage caused by our package we are responsible to refund