Metal & Steel sculpture project custom desing
Metal Urban sculpture,stainless steel urban sculpture, steel carving statue
For present high quality product stainless steel sculpture,we found a art studio for creat or enlarge the sculptor 's urban sculpture well and truly.We work with many famous sculptor/artist all over the world and done many goverment and large-scale stainless steel sculpture(commerical project).
Our company have high level artist can replicate or enlarge with your steel sculpture from photo or small mould, also can make a creation base on your idea.
Casting or Forging your works with metal (steel or stainless steel,iron) at 1:1 scale life size model. Finish: artisans that finish the surface with miror looking for stainless steel sculpture, patina or other desired colours you intersted to appear on the sculpture
1. give us full idea of the meaning of the stainless steel sculpture you want.
2. we offer several plan or sketch for chose, then make the 3-D drawing
3. fabricate the stainless steel sculpture with 3D drawing approved
Steel (stainless steel, colorful steel, printed steeled) sculpture online showroom
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It is illegal to copy our design without our approvement .
SS -01 Stainless steel urban sculpture
SS-02 stainless steel residence park
SS -03 Public Park dolphin sculpture
SS-04 Colorful steel Urban sculpture
SS-05 steel park bear sculpture
SS-06 stainless steel sculpture
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